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Who We Are

The Essungue-Ejuma Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the underprivileged in Cameroon and beyond. Established in 2019, the organization was created in memory of Mama Monica Essungue-Ejuma, a Cameroonian matron who strongly believed in the power of education, though she herself was illiterate. 

The foundation is managed by Mama Essungue's family with efforts being led by her eldest daughter, Olga Ekume-Ejuma with support from Elisa Enongene, Mongue Pauline, Bernard Awasume and Lucienne Emouke. 

    Our Mission

The Essungue-Ejuma foundation is committed to helping those in need and has been involved in charity projects to provide books and other essential supplies to school children in the South West Province of Cameroon, a conflict zone where access to education has been suppressed since 2016.


The foundation is dedicated to supporting the underprivileged both locally and internationally. While the primary focus is to help those in need in Mama Essungue's native Cameroon, the foundation is also involved in philanthropic projects in the local Washington DC metropolitan area.

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