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Mah Di's Orphanage: A Center for Children in Distress Like No Other

Mah Foniborg Diana has been providing love and care to destitute children since her youth. However, since 2005 after she had contact with the social center in the city of Kumba, she expanded her activities to what is now known as the Mah Di’s Center for Children in distress at her house in Kumba. Here, she trains over 41 children morally and professionally to be God-fearing, responsible and productive people in the society. She is a retired office clerk; a 60 year old retired widow and mother to a 30-year old son. She effortlessly shares her experience in farming, raising chicken and other animals, cookery, sewing, typing, handicraft and more with these children who would otherwise be on the streets.

Without permanent support from the government or any other organization, Mah Diana founded this orphanage using her retirement savings. She currently relies on generous donors and visitors for random support. Nevertheless, she trains these children to be self-sustaining and engages them in income generating activities such as farming and rearing chicken and other animals.

In 2016, noticing the need to educate her children and the lack of funds and or scholarships to enroll them into public schools, she decided to start a school at home. Here with the help of volunteers from the community, she teaches her children how to read and write. One could notice the passion and desire to educate these children in the standard way as she moved from office to office in order to get authorization for this school which she finally received in 2019.

In 2010, with the help of donors, Mah Diana worked tirelessly to transform a well into a Bore-hole which she opened to the community. This seemingly small gift to the community helped a lot;

people no longer had to walk the long distances to the springs around or to the government schools in search of drinking water.

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