Our Projects


Nkikoh School Book Drive

The Essungue-Ejuma Foundation successfully completed a book drive at GPS Nkikoh in 2020. Books and school supplies where provided to 300 children between 5 to 11 years old. Representatives of the Essungue-Ejuma Foundation were welcomed by the entire community and the entire community was grateful for the foundation's efforts.

Check out this first hand account of the GPS Nkikoh Book Drive by Ekakoh Vincent 

Mah Di's Orphanage

The Essungue-Ejuma foundation supports the Mah Di Orphanage in Kumba, situated in the South West Province of Cameroon. The orphanage was founded by Mah Foniborg Diana, a retired widow who in 2005 began sheltering distressed children. It has now evolved into a center orphans not only receive shelter, but also get an education and training in basic survival skills.  


Read more about Ma Di's Orphanage: https://www.ejumafoundation.org/post/mah-di-orphanage-kumba-cameroon


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